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Exclusive Galaxy Series Riser #figure6# Trophy with Spinning Action. The activity insert is at the center of this universere of a spinning galaxy of 4 contemporary stars. The rotating stars actually spins! The unique pinwheel spinning motion is only available here! WOW - your kids will not be able to put this unique award down! Choose from a multitude of stock activity insert designs or "Customize IT" with your organization's logo - or do both!!! Includes solid marble base, personalization plate and your choice of matching action figurine - please specify when ordering.
Price: $9.81 

Unique design Softball spinner figure is surrounded by gold stars and mounted on white marble base
Price: $8.53 

Exclusive Gold Diamond riser accepts a custom 2" insert or a stock mylar. Add a figure of your choice. Plate for base can be lettered.
Price: $30.48 

Gold , V-shaped ribbon cup with insert holder on black gloss base and figure of your choice on top. Star accents on handles. Use a stock or custom mylar on the cup and personalize lettering on the base plate
Price: $12.35 

Customize a 2" insert or use a stock 2" mylar. Plate for marble base can be lettered.
Price: $8.22