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Classic version of the Lombardi Trophy and perfect for your fantasy football league. Base plate available for lettering
Price: $37.10 

Antique gold resin has a flowing flag backdrop accenting the lifelike action male soccer figure. Add a plate and lettering to the base.
Price: $13.25 

3D Full Color Football Sport Ball Star Riser Award. This new contemporary design features in full color the sport icon, along with the corresponding sport figurine tastfully presented upon a black marble base.
Price: $11.08 

Gold , V-shaped ribbon cup with insert holder on black gloss base. Star accents on handles. Use a stock or custom mylar on the cup and personalize lettering on the base plate
Price: $9.17 

Make a lasting impression with our NEW custom printed column. Print your school mascot, tournament name or League logo and combine with a figure of your choice. An exquisite clear diamond riser below the figure makes this award extra special. We use real marble bases that include a gold plate for personalization. Wow! That looks great.
Price: $8.06