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Star Achievement Trophy. This sleek contemporary non-gender specific award is perfect for your Star Performers. Glistening gold figurine sits atop a solid marble base. Personalization plate supplied.
Price: $6.31 

Exquisite diamond trophy jewel riser highlights any figure mounted on a solid marble base that includes a gold plate for personalization
Price: $8.32 

EXCLUSIVE Star Riser with Round Column Award Trophy. Be unique in recognizing your shining star player, person or team with this new dynamic design. Select from a multitude of activity inserts or customize with your custom logo! Your choice of figurine, insert and round column designs below. Personalization placed on gold tone plate applied to solid "real" marble base.
Price: $11.50 

Softball - Spin Squeeze Ball Trophy. The Full Color soft-touch Mini Sport Ball is Spinnable, Squeezable and Removable for added fun. Add color and fun to your presentation with this NEW Product! Gold-tone personalization plate is applied to solid "real" marble base.
Price: $8.06 

Gold , V-shaped ribbon cup with insert holder on black gloss base. Star accents on handles. Use a stock or custom mylar on the cup and personalize lettering on the base plate
Price: $22.26